Stacey Blythe


I have worked (as an English or Welsh speaker) composing and performing with storytellers, dancers, artists and poets on a huge variety of education projects large and small all over the UK. (Most recently with Welsh National Opera in 9 storeys high... a community opera)

Music projects can be tailor made to suite any subject or idea, and can easily encompass the national curriculum or any creative idea an organisation or school may want to explore.

Stacey BlytheFuture Projects

  • a steam railway schools project
  • collaborative performance projects with pro storytellers on local history a ghost story and haunted house project (north wales) a song for your school's birthday (most recently with Ysgol y Berllan deg cardiff)
  • social history projects (the little known political activism of the match makers)

Some of the performers and artists i have worked with maria hayes, patrick jones, claire potter, nick hennessy, alan harris, louise osbourne, lynne denman and michael Harvey.

I have just written the music for a true ghost story by Huw Davies - it premiered at Festival at the Edge - it is the true story of Huw Davies, who lived in a house full of serious ghostly activity for 6 months and wrote a book about what happened there.

"I wanted to do this story (the lunatic writings of a troubled man) straight away... it reached out and grabbed me so tightly... the fear and the beauty of it was totally compelling... I literally couldn't wait to put the music together with the story and get it out there. I've worked with many story tellers over the last 18 years but none of them have ever told a story that has actually happened to them... I can't wait for the audience's reaction!"

Recent Work

  • the chainmakers festival dudley  - local schools took part in song writting and performance on the subject of child labour travellers project with teenagers from the travellers community in South Wales Wales Millenium Centre and National Dance theatre Wales supported a Butetown project in Cardiff (i was composer and performer on the project - the ideas express - with writer Louise Osbourne)
  • I have worked with small and large groups ( a forthcoming commission features a choir or 180 performing my music in St David's Hall Cardiff 2012) and am very happy to travel.
  • i was the solo accordionist in a recent bbc radio4 adaptation of 'life and fate' starring Kenneth Brannagh and david tennant.
  • she was composer in residence with Theatre Ffynnon (for one year)
  • WNO max dept ; 6 months - Bay womens choir, 3 months - Equal voices, 3 months 2011 - 9 stories high - find it on youtube in 'Nine Stories High'

As well as offering small or large scale music projects i very much enjoy 1 or 2 day workshops...i have lots of experience in leading the following...


Workshops In

  • songwritting
  • harmonising
  • choir performance and repertoire
  • song performance
  • folk instruments (performance and trad music repertoire..i sing and play harp and accordion)
  • piano performance and exam prep
  • ensemble playing
  • exam accompaniment
  • song audition technique for actors

Projects or workshops large or small are always surprising - the participants and i always have a great time and will create something memorable and unique that enriches them as well as me...

I had the pleasure of teaching on the Trac (traditional music wales) ' Big Experiment' weekend this year, working with many different instruments and voices on tune learning and performance and building confidence through was a wonderful experience for tutors and participants alike...(as one of them said on leaving) "these 4 days have opened up a whole new world of music for me - it has been unforgettable"

Please feel free to contact me with any ideas for projects or if you are interested in my workshops.



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